The Band

Phil Male - Lead Vocal / Keyboard / Rhythm Guitar

Former Nightclub D,j / Entertainer first hit the scene in 1995 (after years of mobile D,j work) at the age of 17 as one of a group of D.j's at "Peppermint Park", he then went on to D,j various other venues in and around the Norwich area.  Phil's professional career as a D,j was cut short at "Boswells / Hy's" where he had some of his best nights!  Phil has always been in bands from a very early age but in 2002 "Boswells / Hy's" closed down and he found himself at a crossroads.  Does he find a new venue to play or does he use this opportunity to  pursue his other passion?  Thankfully, Phil chose the latter and along with long term friend and fellow founder band member Nick Heffer, "What's up?" was officially born and the pair haven't looked back since!  There is still so much camaraderie between them, both on and off stage after all this time.

Nick Heffer - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocal

When Nick first met Phil he was already playing in a well established rock covers band called "More Trouble With Girls".  But Phil being the perfectionist he is, loved the way Nick played so much that he just had to have him in his band, the discussions started shortly after in Phil's local pub (where else!).  Within a few weeks and countless rehearsal time together,  they were ready!  To this day Phil still considers Nick to be one of the best guitarists in the game (which is a good job really?).  I know Nick has the same mutual respect for Phil's vocal talent and musical ability too! 

Barry Wortley - Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocal

Barry has been playing drums for as long as he can remember, he comes from a long line of musicians (his Dad being a drummer also), he's also quite a handy guitarist too!  Former and Founder member (alongside his Brother Paul) of the professional band "Fresh" who were pretty big in the 80's!  Barry has played in other bands since then, his latest being "The Deal".  Barry met Phil and Nick in 2015 on a chance meet in a local pub in Norwich (there's a theme here!), were Barry was playing at the time.  They got talking in the interval and soon Barry was on board, initially as a dep', but now as a fully fledged member of "What's up?".  That is when he's not moonlighting by playing Drums at "Theatre Royal, Norwich" in Panto!

Paul Williams - Bass Guitar / Saxophone / Backing Vocal

Paul has been playing Bass for many years now along side the Saxophone and is very competent in all styles of different genres, from Jazz to rock and modern covers.  He studied music at "Leeds College of Music" (fancy!), and has played in many bands over the years, his current ones being "The Dove and Boweevil Band", "The Dirigibles" and of course "What's up?".  Although not a full time member of the band yet, there are not many gigs he misses.  We are currently working on him by plying him with alcohol and McDonalds!  He does enjoy playing with the band a lot, so who knows?  We are very glad he's on board for now anyway!