FAQs / Info

These are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.  We thought you might find it useful, as a quick and easy way to get a simple answer.

If you can't find your question here, or you just fancy a chat, don't hesitate to get in touch.  You can call us on (01953) 453384 / (07825) 509017 or email us at info@whatsupband.co.uk.  We're always happy to talk through your requirements. 

Q:  Can we choose which songs the band play? 

A:  It's your day.  So if you can't find something on our set list, let us know and we'll learn it for you.  Remember though, we have lots of experience in choosing the songs that make the party go with a swing.  So remain a little bit flexible, to ensure we give you a great show.

Q:  How much space do you need? 

A:  It depends on the size of the venue you've booked of course, but a practical working space is usually about 3 meters by 6 meters (that's 10' by 20' in old money).  We've played parties in the front room of somebody's house , right up to big open air festivals, so we can work around your venue.  But the more space you allow for us, the easier it is for us to make it look amazing.

Q:  What equipment do you bring with you?  Do we need to supply anything ourselves? 

A:  Apart from electricity, the band is completely self-contained.  We bring all the sound and light equipment with us.  So unless you are attempting to create a complete "Saturday Night Fever" disco floor effect, our lights will be quite enough for the dancers to strutt their funky stuff. 

Q:  How many people can your sound and lighting equipment cater for? 

A:  The simple answer to this is as many as you like.  Just let us know the size of the venue and the number of people attending, and we'll bring all the sound and lighting equipment you need.  Our own professional standard touring grade P.A equipment is usually sufficient for most events.  However, if you need us to hire in extra equipment for bigger events such as "Charity Balls" or large "Corporate Functions", we have excellent relations with the leading sound and lighting suppliers in the country. 

For the technically minded amongst you, our in-house speaker system are Q.S.C. Mixing desk and outboard gear are provided by the likes of, Allen & Heath, D.B.X, Shure, Roland, Boss and Yamaha.

Q:  Can we use your P.A for speeches? 

A:  Yes, If the band is there and set up, you're welcome to use our P.A for any speeches, toasts or general announcements. 

Q:  Do you mind audience members getting up and singing with the band? 

A:  Not at all, as long as you arrange it with us in advance.  That way we can make sure that we are adequately insured.  We do ask that the people singing or playing with the band accept reasonable requests and instructions from the band leader.  Good natured joining in is most welcome.  Drunken stage invasions are not.

Q:  Do you need a stage? 

A:  It's not something we insist on, particularly if it's an event for less than 200 people.  But it's nice if there is one available.  For events bigger than 200 people, it can be hard for people to see us without a stage.  There can also be problems with the people on the dance floor tripping over our equipment. 

001 - 200 guests, Stage desirable (but not essential)

200 - 300 guests, Stage of at least 1ft high strongly recommended

300 - 400 guests, Stage of at least 2ft high strongly recommended

400 - 500 guests, Stage of at least 3ft high strongly recommended 

For events of more than 500 people it's pretty well essential to have a stage or raised area.  But if you are planning an event on this scale, you probably already know this. 

Q:  How long does it take you to set up and pack down? 

A:  For a small to medium event, set up and pack down can be done in 45mins, if the access is good.  It's nice to have a bit longer, and we always allow plenty of time in case anything unforeseen crops up. 

Q:  Is your quote an all inclusive price or are there any extras that we need to know about? 

A:  The price we quote is a fixed price.  As long as you don't ask us to do anything different, the price we quote is the price you pay.  Unless the Chancellor changes the VAT rules again of course. 

Q:  What does the quote include? 

A:  The quote is generally for 3 (1hr) sets of live music with recorded music in the breaks, finishing at midnight.  We will aim to arrive a couple of hours before we start playing, to allow for a nice leisurely set up.  If you need us to play later or longer, do let us know and we will factor that into the quote.  Similarly, if we have to carry our equipment across a ploughed field from the car park, we'll have to hire a couple of extra people so the quote will go up a bit.  The key thing is to tell us what you need and we'll give you a fixed price quote, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for. 

Q:  Our event is in a temporary marquee, do we need to make any special electrical arrangements? 

A:  Yes.  We will send you our "Tech Spec" to pass on to your marquee company, or you can download it yourself.  We're also happy to liaise directly with them if you need us to. 

Q:  Do the band expect to be bought drinks all night and receive a five course meal? 

A:  It is usual to provide a meal for the band and to lay on some kind of soft drinks (water is fine).  If you're having an evening buffet, and you're happy for the band to discretely help themselves, that's normally sufficient. 

Q:  We've heard horror stories of bands enjoying themselves slightly too much.  What is your policy on drinking, partying and so on? 

A:  We have a strict "No Alcohol" rule.  We are there to entertain, but we are also at work.  Every member of our band is a professional musician and our livelihood depends on our professional standards of behaviour, both on and off stage. 

Since almost all of our gigs come from recommendations, we know that we are only as good as our last performance. 

Q:  How far in advance should we book?  

A:   As you can imagine, we do get very booked up, especially over the summer and winter.  So to be sure of getting the date you want, we suggest that you book as early as possible.  Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.  However, we do occasionally get last minute cancellations.  So even if there's not long to go, it's always worth giving us a call. 

Q:  Do you take provisional bookings? 

A:  No.  Sorry.  One way to guarantee getting in a right old muddle is to have a diary littered with "Provisional", "To be confirmed", "Maybe or maybe not" type of bookings.  We don't put anything in our diary until you've confirmed and we've accepted the booking.  That way, you know exactly where you are. With us, you're not going to get any, "We've made a terrible mistake..." type of call a day before your event. 

Q:  We want to book your band but we don't have all the details fully planned yet.  What should we do to make sure we get the date we want? 

A:  We don't need to know precise details at the time of booking.  As long as you know the date for your event you can make a booking.  If you don't know precisely where your event is taking place, we can quote a range of travel charges to cover possible options. 

Q:  Do you provide a proper contract or is it a "Word-of-mouth" agreement? 

A:  We confirm all our bookings with a written contract.  When you receive it, we ask that you read through and sign both copies before returning one to us (in the pre-paid envelope provided).  You keep the other copy for your own records.  At the time of booking, we ask for a deposit of 25% of the total fee.  Contracts will only be sent out to you once we have received your deposit.  The remaining balance is to be received no later than 4 weeks prior to your event. 

Q:  Our venue are demanding to see evidence of "Portable Appliance Testing" (PAT testing) and "Public Liability Insurance".  Is that a problem? 

A:  Not at all.  All our equipment is fully PAT tested every year and we're of course, fully insured.  We can send a copy of the necessary certificates either to you or directly to your venue if you prefer. 

Q:  Our event is taking place abroad, are you able to cater for that? 

A:  Not at this time.  Sorry.  We are generally so busy in the UK that unfortunately (as much as we would like to be given the opportunity to jet off), we can't make time for trips abroad.